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According to information from Nikkei Asia, Taiwanese semiconductor maker TSMC has informed customers for the second time in less than a year that it plans to raise prices citing inflation concerns. rising costs and its own scaling plans to help alleviate the global supply shortage.

Nikkei quoted some sources as saying, the price will increase by 5% -8% and take effect from 2023. This means, Apple’s iPhone lines will increase in price in the near future.

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Recently, TSMC company reported a record April revenue, reaching about 5.81 billion USD, up 55% over the same period last year.

Market analysts say that the increase in prices of semiconductor products may be difficult to accept as demand for smartphones and PCs is slowing.

TSMC is the company that makes the A-series chips in all of Apple’s best iPhone lines, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE. As noted, the company raised prices by 20% last year due to unprecedented demand and chip shortages in the global market.

Meanwhile, some reports say that Samsung is currently considering increasing the price of its semiconductor products by up to 20%, as well as the products it makes for other companies, which will resulting in consumers paying more for new devices.

According to the Bloomberg report, the price increase consideration is in response to the fact that everything in the world is becoming more expensive, including the cost of raw materials and the logistics around manufacturing facilities. The price increase is expected to be related to the sophistication of the components being manufactured, but it still means manufacturers will have to pay more, between 15-20%, for the memory chip unit.

Rising prices of components across Apple’s product lines could be bad news for consumers because Apple could face the choice of raising prices to cover those costs or incurring losses in a capital market. was not sure.

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