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When smart doesn’t mean easy

In recent years, global technology followers have witnessed a spectacular transformation from brands in the field of household appliances, especially washing machines – a companion of housewives. But are all products as ‘divine’ as rumors?

Most software-oriented changes such as Wifi connection, display of control screen, saving information of washing modes… have not really solved the problems of users. Housewives still have to waste time and mind with operations such as: choosing which mode for different fabrics, time options and extra functions, even having to rub hands first, ensuring the Stubborn stains are thoroughly washed.

Not to mention, with integrated applications to control, the washing machine needs to be connected to the network and plugged in remotely, accidentally ‘complicating’ the process, causing many people to fall into the ‘headache’ situation. every time washing ‘smart’.

This situation causes consumers to consider what is really a smart washing machine, painfully looking for a product that really elevates the quality of life.

The importance of really understanding

As an important piece in the ecosystem of home appliances integrated with artificial intelligence, Panasonic washing machines prioritize solving the most basic laundry problems, based on a worldwide laundry survey. gender.

AI Smart Wash technology is integrated, acting as a powerful butler, automatically calculating the amount of water, time, power, and rotation speed with 4 intelligent sensors, ensuring effective washing. great with just the touch of a button while performance is still optimized.

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Superior AI Smart Wash technology with 4 really smart and efficient sensors

Specifically, for each batch of laundry, the intelligent sensing mechanism goes into deep analysis of 4 factors: volume and material; water temperature; water level and vibration movement of the washing tub. From here, the washing machine will automatically set up the most appropriate operation.

According to Panasonic, truly ‘understanding’ each batch of laundry helps to reduce water consumption by 41%, save 40% of washing time and 70% of electricity consumption. It’s time for every family to be freed from boring laundry, enjoy life with peace of mind with an efficient, economical and ‘easy one-touch’ washing process.

The superiority of AI Smart Wash, combined with Econavi technology, helps Panasonic make a strong impression with products with the highest energy efficiency compared to conventional washing machine products with awards and certifications from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Trade, minimize waste of resources as well as environmental pollution.

To be smart is no longer a concern

Not only creating a laundry revolution with AI Smart Wash, Panasonic continues to show its understanding of users with features that deliver the optimal experience, demonstrating creativity and commitment to quality and service. trust after more than 50 years of accompanying Vietnamese families.

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The NA-V10FX2LVT washing machine owns a washing capacity of 10kg, integrates 14 washing programs, effectively takes care of clothes with friendly materials such as cotton, synthetic fibers…

NA-V10FX2LVT – 10kg washing capacity, integrated with 14 washing programs, effectively takes care of clothes with friendly materials such as cotton, synthetic fibers or delicates. Smart design with LED control panel and easy to use Vietnamese touch buttons.

Ms. Hoan, Dong Da shared: “The disease is complicated, the respiratory system and children’s skin are sensitive. Washing by machine doesn’t make me feel secure, so I have to wash my hands and then rinse it many times with water to make sure it’s completely clean. Sometimes, I We also consider using bleach, but washing clothes for children with sensitive skin are afraid of allergies.Until the introduction of Panasonic washing machines, whether washing cold or hot water is safe, the members’ clothes are safe. Family members do not worry about itching or washing powder residue, but also have durable and economical quality.”

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Absolute cleaning effect with Blue Ag+ and StainMaster+

Understanding that disinfection is an urgent issue for every family, Panasonic exclusively develops a smart solution for cold water washing and disinfecting Blue Ag +, integrated on new generation product lines, helping to remove hard stains. First, it kills 99.99% of allergens and bacteria invisible to the naked eye, and protects fabrics from damage and discoloration.

UV-A rays in the sun combine with silver ions Ag+ to directly attack bacteria, providing intelligent and effective protection up to 18 hours after washing. In particular, this technology uses water at normal temperature, so high-quality fabrics such as chiffon, silk, wool, felt, cotton … will be carefully cared for, avoiding stretching and fading after a long time. use.

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The NA-V90FX1LVT series features an Active Foam system that creates super-fine foam and Blue Ag +, an effective Active Speed ​​Wash within 38 minutes.

Meanwhile, StainMaster + hot water washing technology is also considered a lifesaver for the obsession of ‘rubbing your hands before machine washing’. With three temperature settings at 40/60/90 degrees Celsius, allergens such as bacteria on fabrics, dust mites in dry cleaning, allergens are destroyed, stubborn stains or mold are traced. sweeping the roots, helping clothes always smell good and absolutely safe for health.

The new generation of Panasonic washing machines will revolutionize and usher in a promising era for truly smart laundry, saving energy and time for every family.

Choose right for your family with the new generation of superior washing machines that are currently leading from Panasonic here.


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