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Do you have a brother who wants to draw and wants to show his friend your ability to draw on your computer? Then let the AI ​​do it for you! NVIDIA has released AI that has the ability to demo AI to create the most realistic images and in today’s article, I will talk about Gaugan!

What is Gaugan?

GauGANl is an AI demo for photo-realism that allows anyone to create stunning landscapes using Generative Adversarial Networks. Named after Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, it has been created by NVIDIA Research and can be experienced for free through NVIDIA AI Demos.

Gaugan Demo

You can use the demo’s smart brush to modify these text-suggested scenes, or start from scratch, painting on rocks, trees, or fluffy clouds. Clicking on the filter allows the user to experiment with different lighting or apply a painting style to the works.

Ways to get creative on Gaugan

How Gaugan works

The latest version of the demo, GauGAN2, turns any combination of words and drawings into a lifelike image. Users can simply enter a phrase and press a button to create a scene in real time. Over time, the GAN model learns to create models that most convincingly mimic the real world of the human brain.

Gaugan User Manual

Step 1: You can access Gaugan here. The version you will use is the Gaugan 2 version! You need to tick the box to agree with the Terms and Conditions of NVIDA

Visit Gaugan

Step 2: you choose the category you want to draw including

  • Building: Buildings, constructions,….
  • Ground: Ground, floor,….
  • Landscape: Grounds like clouds, mountains, rivers, etc.
  • Plant: Plant

Step 3: You select the button to create an image and see the results that the AI ​​has created. You can add keywords above the Input Text section to make it easier for AI to work

Create a photo

Note: You can download sample image files or sample sketches so that AI can learn more because this is a free project that uses data from you (How it works similar to Google)

So I just showed you how to create images from NVIDIA’s AI. If you have any new ideas, please leave your comments below in the comment section!

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