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After many speculations, the cult deal to acquire billionaire Elon Musk’s Twitter social network has come true. But just a day later, the deal made everyone’s attention again when a recent tweet showed that there appeared to be a disturbance in the leadership of Twitter.

A few hours ago, Stani Kulechov, CEO and co-founder of AAVE, one of the first DeFi protocols and famous for its ability to allow users to borrow cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform, tweeted. said that he was about to become the interim CEO of Twitter.

The tweet reveals the portrait of the

Interestingly, last July, Stani himself tweeted that he was building a “Twitter on Ethereum” application. The tweet came after Jack Dorsey, the CEO at the time of Twitter, said he was developing a new financial services platform around Bitcoin that shares many similarities with AAVE.

The tweet reveals the portrait of the

It is not yet clear if this statement is a joke by the CEO, but this tweet has had a positive impact on the price of AAVE coin. Not long after this tweet was posted, the price of AAVE jumped from $160 to $173.

Before the Twitter acquisition became a reality, billionaire Elon Musk talked about making many changes to the social networking platform, including adding a post edit feature, open source algorithm or even talked about privatizing this company as well as stopping paying the Board of Directors. However, he did not talk about changing personnel in the company’s leadership ranks.

The tweet reveals the portrait of the

Even if the above tweet is just a joke of the AAVE CEO, it is likely that Mr. Musk will still have to rely on others to run Twitter when Mr. Musk is currently running two businesses with big ambitions for the company. His career is Tesla and SpaceX.

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