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As in previous posts, Anonyviet instructed on how to create a Keylogger in basic Python and use some Tool Rat. Currently, on Github, there is a complete user of Keylogger and Rat using only Python and is very easy to use. And today I will show you how to use the Argus tool!

What is Rat?

A Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is a type of application that allows a hacker to monitor and control the victim’s computer or network, thereby exploiting and stealing the user’s personal data and stealing the location, environment, and data. the environment around you and the vast amount of information on your computer and network.

What is RAT?

The fact that hackers use Rat for the wrong purpose will have appropriate consequences and the possibility of detection is also high because modern security programs can now detect Rat very easily.

You can see more Learn about Rat – Remote Access Trojan here

What is keylog?

Keystroke logging or Keylog is a user-generated piece of code capable of recording all keystrokes and actions. Most use keylog to manage computers as well as ensure data is not lost, but there are still cases where keylogs are used to steal social network passwords or even personal information and bank cards.

What is keylog?

Keylogs can exist in many different forms including malicious applications or hardware devices can also be keylogs. Also keyloggers can reside in smart electronic devices and tend to be in mobile devices or IoT gadgets.

You can see more about keyloggers here

Argus – Rat software and Keylogger

For research purposes only, use on a computer other than yours is strictly prohibited.

Argus is a software that allows you to RAT and Keylogger on the victim computer. Currently, the software only runs on two operating systems, Windows and Mac OS. When you use the software, be sure to read through the developer’s terms of use here.

Some features on Argus

  • Track keystrokes
  • Screen capture target
  • Capture target’s webcam
  • Collect Cookies and Chrome History
  • Monitor system information
  • Find device location
  • Send log to your gmail
  • Cover the window of the application and automatically add it to the startup program
  • Get ip address (Private and Public)
  • Easily modify the source code

Argus . Installation Guide

Attention: The computer that needs to get the information needs to follow these steps and requires Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0.

Note: Changes in requirements file of both local and remote:

  • are from client==0.01 Fort clients
  • opencv-python== Fort opencv-python
  • numpy==1.18.4 Fort numpy
  • pywin32==227 Fort pywin32

Method 1: Do it manually

Step 1: Download files directly here.

Argus on github

Step 2: You go to the Argus folder (note to select the correct operating system)

Map in local file

Step 3: You go to the terminal, write the following command: pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Method 2: Enter the following command in terminal

git clone

cd Argus/Windows/bin/Local or cd Argus/Windows/bin/Remote

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

python3 or python3

Now you start the file up and you can monitor the machine containing the python file.

Note: The local file is the keylogger and the remote file is the rat file

Log file after starting local file:

Log file argus

Note: Before running the file (used to RAT the computer), change the email and pass into line number 232

Change to your email

Instructions to convert py files to exe files

Step 1: Download pyinstaller with the following command

pip3 install pyinstaller

Step 2: enter the following command

pyinstaller --onefile [Tên file]

Step 3: you go to the folder containing the other file and you will see the file with the .EXE extension, then that is the file you just converted to. You just need to send it to the victim

So I just finished showing you how to RAT and install Keylogger on other people’s computers. Anonyviet and ALDON94 will not be responsible for your actions. So please use with permission of others. Please leave a comment if you have trouble installing!

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