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Blackboards or blueboards are often used in classrooms for teaching. Chalk stains can usually be wiped off with a whiteboard rag. However, it generates quite a large amount of dust, causing some respiratory problems for humans. Dust can pose a health hazard to our teachers and students who are exposed to chalk dust for long periods of time. Although it is now quite common to use whiteboards to replace chalkboards, white backgrounds can cause contrast problems for people with impaired vision and some other anomalies. The reaction is affected by the strong smell of the felt-tip pen.

Therefore, in Korea, people have created automatic whiteboard cleaning machines, with the purpose of wiping chalk stains without endangering the health of teachers and students. This machine can vacuum “quietly” and quickly and keep it in a vacuum. It can effectively erase all chalk stains on the board within a few minutes. Of course, this is the description of the inventors and lovers of this machine.

Thought the invention could change teaching, who expected it to become useless, no one bothered to use it - Photo 1.
Thought the invention could change teaching, who expected it to become useless, no one bothered to use it - Photo 2.

Actually, this invention dates back to 2007, but it is not used empty for many reasons, one of which is impracticability in practical teaching. Although this machine when installed will be quite neat, and operated at the touch of a button, the noise it makes is easy to distract students and teachers, not to mention every time. engine running, many people will feel quite impatient. To get a better feel for waiting for this machine to clear the board, we can watch the video below.

Automatic board erasing machine in Korea.

In other versions, this machine works faster and cleaner, but the noise is still something that has not been eliminated.

The idea of ​​this machine also appears in many places, but with the rapid development of science and technology, we have more choices for teaching. Computers, projectors and smart boards are better choices than this machine.

So, even though it is quite effective in concept, in practice it is not more efficient than other methods, and that is the main reason why this machine is not widely used. and not many people know of its existence. them-dung-20220508233423058.chn

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