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Not long ago, Japan’s JR West company unveiled a giant robot project that can assemble and repair overhead railway equipment and parts in this country. The special feature of those robot models, besides the cool design like stepping out of the blockbuster Pacific Rim, is that humans can completely control them in virtual reality (VR) mode.

Recently, JR West shared a video showing how his robot model works in real time. The operator only needs to sit in a fixed position, using VR glasses, he can “transform” into this robot easily, just like in a video game.

This is how the new giant Japanese robot works using virtual reality technology.

JR West’s robot model has a different appearance similar to a human, along with big strong arms, integrated with many different tools that can be flexibly converted to perform tasks such as cleaning power lines with a broom. Multi-root, maintenance or repair.

Above this massive body is a pair of digital cameras that act as eyes so that users can observe and control the robot through a set of VR glasses. Using motion-tracking technology, they can move the camera and the robot’s arms easily, flexibly, and specifically match their own movements.

If an external force affects the robot arm, it will transmit a signal to the controller so that the user can make the most reasonable treatment plan. Thanks to the use of hydraulic cranes, this robot can perform some heavy jobs in a relatively simple and easy way.

This is how the Japanese control a giant construction robot with virtual reality, like playing a video game - Photo 2.

The new robot model will help Japan handle heavy work at height with ease.

As reported earlier, although the operation is quite smooth, this is still a prototype developed by Nippon Singal and Human Machinery only. As expected, the first complete robot will be put into operation in 2024, along with many other versions will be released later to help people handle potentially risky jobs related to roads. overhead power lines.

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