This is a versatile touchpad that “weighs” everything from smartphones, tablets, laptops to smart TVs – LLODO

The product connects to the device by Bluetooth, with a capacitive touch pad to move the mouse like a laptop’s touchpad. The product also has a few physical buttons for users to quickly manipulate the preset gestures along with a laser light to support “pointing” when presenting.

The manufacturer directs this product to many different audiences, possibly those who often have to present in an office environment; Those who want to entertain with multiple devices and want to control it remotely with a single touchpad or streamers who want to interact with the smartphone they are using to record.

The versatile touchpad for all devices CheerTok – Webuy

CheerTok - Photo 2.

The product has a selling price of 45 USD or 1,033 million VND

[Box thông tin shop] – GK Cheertok

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