They last saw each other six months ago.

  • Question:

    They last saw each other six months ago.

    Reference explanation:

    Correct answer: A

    Knowledge: Present perfect tense


    The present perfect is used to describe an action that happened in the past but the result still affects the present.

    Formula: S + have/has Ved/V3 + for + time period/since + timeline

    How to rewrite sentences with present perfect tense:

    S + last + Ved + time ago. = S + haven’t/ hasn’t Ved/V3 + for time period.

    They last met 6 months ago.

    = A. They haven’t seen each other in six months.

    B. is wrong in “since six months” (6 months is the period, must use “for”)

    C. They met for six months. => wrong in meaning

    D. They hadn’t seen each other six months ago. => wrong in meaning

    Choose A


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