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Referring to the “anti-gate” or “defense” game genre, perhaps no one is unaware of Plants vs. Zombies, one of the most famous products of PopCap Games. Released in 2009 for Windows and Mac OS X (and later on other platforms), this game quickly became a global craze thanks to its simple yet tactical mechanics and easy graphics. lovely, beautiful. Although the next versions (released by EA) were not appreciated, but Plants vs. Zombies are still a big monument in the world gaming community.

The name says it all, the way Plants vs. Zombies is quite simple: Gamers will collect and use the sun to “plant” different plants to prevent and destroy aggressive zombies, preventing them from entering their homes. Each type of tree has its own unique strength characteristics, requiring players to calculate and make the best combination choices for each specific game screen.

The game

True to its name, Plants vs. Zombies is a game that grows trees to fight zombies.

In addition to engaging gameplay, Plants vs. Zombies also reach more gamers thanks to simple, light graphics, not requiring too high machine configuration. However, how will this game change if it is remade Unreal Engine, instead of PopCap Framework Engine? What if the trees against the gate, the familiar zombies with lovely 2D graphics in the first part of the game were 3Dized with one of the leading Engines on the market today?

That’s exactly what YouTuber Fat Dino has done. This guy has remade the entire image for PopCap’s most popular game, from the characters, cards, to the player interface or the background scene. Of course, since this is a personal project “for fun”, the Plants vs. Fat Dino’s Zombies has only 1 level, with a limited number of plants compared to the original game. However, this level will also be longer, with the difficulty increasing over time.

You can follow Fat Dino’s “game making” process in the video below, and download Plants vs. This 3D zombie here.

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