“Stand still” with the super association 50% off, more deals 1K, 1 dong at ShopeePay Day – LLODO

Let’s go through and take note of the “genuine” promotions that will be launched during the ShopeePay Day event – 50% off golden day taking place on the Shopee app, lasting from November 14 to 16.

“Universe” voucher up to 50% off

If Marvel has a superhero universe, ShopeePay Day is also ready to launch a “squad” of 50% discount vouchers, covering all fields. Briefly, there are 50% discount Shopee shopping vouchers, 50% discount for ordering delicious food on ShopeeFood, 50% discount on Scan & Pay vouchers, 50% discount vouchers when ordering services/online shopping and paying with ShopeePay wallet, applied to prominent partners such as: Unica, Hocmai, ICANKid, Fahasa, FPT Play, Galaxy Play, Nhaccuatui… This is also the reason why ShopeePay Day in November is also called “Golden Day 50% off”, as to press strong numbers that make anyone who listens to want to rush to withdraw their wallet.

“Ti billion” delicious dishes from only 1 dong

ShopeePay Day this month dedicates a whole store of deals for only 1 VND for foodies. When going down the street to sip, don’t forget to hunt for ShopeePay Scan & Pay deal for 1 dong to scan at stores like Phuc Long, Highlands, KFC, Lotteria, GS25, Circle K… If you choose to order delicious food at home with ShopeeFood, you There are still countless attractive 1-dong offers such as Caffè Latte at Starbucks Coffee, PhinDi Hanh at Highlands Coffee, McDonald’s Fried Chicken, Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Bento Delichi Chicken Rice…

Top up your phone from only 1K CZK

For those who don’t know, hunting for 1K phone recharge offers during the ShopeePay Day event is one of the most awaited activities by users. This November, with only 1,000 VND, you can top up 10,000 VND, even up to 50,000 VND for phone charges or data, helping to save maximum communication costs. Do not forget to record the time frame 0H – 1H on November 14 and 16, 0H – 9H 12H – 21H on November 15 to hunt with all the above attractive offers.

Pay bills up to 111K CZK

In the field of “billing”, ShopeePay Day in November will launch a discount voucher up to 111K, helping you to lighten your electricity, water and Internet bills this month. To hunt for this attractive offer, do not forget to visit Shopee in the time frames 0H – 9H – 12H – 21H for three days 14, 15 and 16.11. The opportunity is shared equally for everyone, it’s always a good idea to have a part

You have just received the 300K CZK promotion package

If you have never linked and used ShopeePay wallet before, you are facing the opportunity to win a welcome combo worth up to 300,000 VND. After completing the registration steps, a shopping voucher worth 100,000 VND will be sent to your reward wallet. Followed by a preferential package for the first time to top up the phone, pay a bill worth 150,000 VND. In particular, “new friends” will also receive a free shipping code every month and a discount of up to 20,000 VND for the first QR payment.

Watch the livestream, hunt for a voucher of 1 million VND

Voucher of 1 million VND is always considered a “rare item” in each promotion of ShopeePay. People who hunt them are often defaulted to being super lucky, becoming the object of people’s “assignment”. But rest assured that with ShopeePay Day in November, the real faction also has a chance to watch the “Secret Gift Box” livestream on the “Addiction to Shopee Live” group or the ShopeePay homepage at 13:00 on November 16, 2021. One lucky spectator will immediately receive a discount voucher of 1 million VND. In addition, 9 spectators who answer the question correctly in 30 seconds also have the opportunity to win 50,000 VND vouchers.

Lucky prize for singles masters

On November 16, each successful order will bring the owner a chance to draw a lucky draw. ShopeePay will randomly select 5 lucky orders to award, each prize is a shopping voucher worth 1 million VND. Therefore, the harder you work to close the order, the higher your chances of winning. Besides, users should visit Fanpage ShopeePay and Fanpage Shopee, participate in minigames on 11/16 for the opportunity to receive more vouchers with 50% discount.

To see more details and win the full set of great deals as above, don’t forget to visit ShopeePay Wallet on Shopee app for 3 days 11/14, 15 and 16!


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