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Currently, Samsung has notable main product lines such as Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. But that doesn’t stop there, the Samsung Display division is preparing for even more impressive strides in display technology.

Samsung shares a vision of future folding and sliding screen technology - Photo 1.

The screen of the future will have many ways of expression such as folding many times, sliding in or sliding out as needed.

At the ongoing Screen Week 2022 conference, Samsung Display showcased what they are cherishing. There are many types of screens that try to address different use cases, not just the usual foldable smartphone styling. Or even screens that are already large can expand larger if you need to display more content on the sides.

At this point, many people are used to foldable screens. However, Samsung will not stop at what is already on the market. There have been patents and rumors about a tri-fold screen or a bi-foldable screen, and Samsung has researched and realized two of them. The Flex G folds inward twice while the Flex S folds inward and outward like a zigzag.

Samsung shares a vision of future folding and sliding screen technology - Photo 2.
Samsung shares its vision of future folding and sliding screen technology - Photo 3.

New to the list, however, is a 12.4-inch “foldable” display. In fact, it’s full size, and when folded they’re just an 8.1-inch display.

The display will scroll out from both left and right to show the rest of the screen. The product promises to bring a better video viewing and multitasking experience. Of course, Samsung also has an idea for the phone to only slide to the side and fold like a notebook like the Microsoft Surface Duo, but there will be no gap.

Samsung Display is also showing off the new technologies they have been developing. For example, the QD-Display monitor went into mass production in November 2021. This technology will be available on 55- and 65-inch TVs, 34-inch screens.

Samsung shares its vision of folding and pulling screen technology

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