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i-Speed ​​is a product of the Ministry of Information and Communications that helps Internet users test how fast or slow the Internet speed is. In addition, the application can measure upload, download and latency parameters.

i-Speed ​​is a private system and is not controlled by any network operator, so the results will honestly reflect the network speed of the network operator for the user. Measurement data will contribute to support the construction management agency, infrastructure development, Internet services in Vietnam; improve service quality of Internet service providers; protect the interests of Internet users.

To see how fast your home Internet is, whether it is in accordance with the contract’s commitments in the carrier’s contract, you can install i-Speed ​​on mobile phones and tablets using Android and iOS operating systems ( Apple) or take measurements directly on the website


Why should i-Speed ​​measure Internet speed?

In my opinion, this is the application of the Ministry of Information and Communications, from the actual measured human Internet data, the Ministry will have an overview of the carrier quality from which to make corrections or solutions. reasonable legal to protect user interests in Internet speed commitment contracts.

Second, currently, operators use a lot of priority tips for speed, so the measured data on is no longer true to reality, users will see when measuring with speed results. the speed will be very high, in fact it is just the virtual speed.

I tried to compare the same carrier, same time, device, when measured by i-speed and, i-speed gives the closest accurate results to reality.

i-Speed ​​do toc do internet

When using the Vietnam Internet speed measurement tool on the Website (, and on the i-Speed ​​App, users will be asked about allow access to geographical location, call management rights of the device used. You can agree or disagree. Location data for selecting the most optimal measuring point, distance information to the measuring points and serving local statistics. The i-Speed ​​application only uses call management rights to get accurate information about mobile network connections, 5G services, service providers.

In addition to geo-location data, when using the i-Speed ​​App, the user agrees to allow the application to have access to the following data: Information about the mobile device on which the application is installed (operating system) , OS version, type of device); Internet connection specifications.

How to accurately measure Internet speed with i-Speed

In my experience, to accurately measure your home Internet speed you need to do the following:

1. Use a computer (PC or Laptop) instead of a mobile phone

2. Use a LAN cable plugged directly into the Router instead of catching Wifi, so it will avoid interference

3. When testing Internet speed using only 1 device, the remaining devices should be disconnected from the Internet

4. Visit to conduct measurement.

Adhering to the above 3 principles, you will measure the exact results of your Internet speed, how much Upload, how much Download, how much Ping (latency).

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