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Renova Cloud – the leading cloud service company is pleased to introduce the Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp course. The program is a combination of accelerated hands-on learning to select the right candidates and help them lay a solid foundation for their DevOps & Cloud careers.

This 13-week course is for those who want to pursue or start their career journey with cloud technology. Renoleap is aimed at those who are truly passionate about developing a career in DevOps, not excluding undergraduate students and those without in-depth technology knowledge.

Renoleap and AWS will work closely to ensure that Center students receive the ultimate quality learning experience. The training program is built on a combination of excellent materials and content from AWS & The Cloud Native Computing Foundation Training and Certification. Together with the experience on real models of Renoleap customers, and the rich curriculum of devops topics, it is sure to give students a variety of knowledge and experiences.

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Doron Shachar, Israeli Entrepreneur & Founder of Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp shared: “We are proud to launch the Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp with the aim of creating hundreds of exciting DevOps career paths for candidates with a background. diverse knowledge & education background, regardless of IT industry.Based on our many years of Cloud & DevOps experience, we build a 13-week training program to ensure trainees receives the perfect combination of formal education, engineering practice, and customer needs to create a generation of talented programming technicians.”

Candidate Experience

Renoleap is looking for candidates who share our values ​​who demonstrate a passion and interest in learning about technology and solving problems with code. The company is expanding its talent pool to reach potential candidates but has not yet found its place in the industry. No exception are people with old tech skills looking to move to the cloud, people returning to work after a break, tech enthusiasts who aren’t currently working in the IT industry, and students Engineering graduates looking for a great career advancement.

Candidates will have access to a support team at Renoleap, made up of recruiters, technical experts and advisors ready to help them progress and bring them closer to the needs of their clients. in company. Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp will recruit candidates to join more than 100 technical roles that Renoleap is implementing on projects with customers.

Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp is currently enrolling for the upcoming course that will start on May 30th! Applications are now open in Vietnam!

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