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Refusing to return to the office, a key Apple leader quits - Photo 1.

Apple CEO Tim Cook. (Image: Getty Images)

Ian Goodfellow was Google’s top artificial intelligence (AI) expert before moving to Apple. However, Apple’s machine learning director has just submitted his resignation after more than 3 years working here. According to his LinkedIn profile, he leads the machine learning division of the special projects group.

Mr Goodfellow is said to have informed staff of his decision via email. Part of the reason he resigned was the plan to return to the office of “apple defect”. The iPhone maker requires employees to work at the office at least 1 day a week from April 11, at least 2 days a week from May 2, and at least 3 days a week from May 23.

“I truly believe that greater flexibility would be the best policy for my team,” he wrote in the email.

Apple employees began returning to Apple Park headquarters last month and the 3-day work week policy will be enforced from March 23. Some employees feel unsatisfied with Apple’s plans. In a letter to CEO Tim Cook, a group of employees say they feel they have to choose between being part of their family and personal lives, and being empowered to do their best work or just being a member of the family. part of Apple.

A recent survey on a small group of Apple employees shows that a high percentage are looking for other jobs with reasons such as: Return to office policy, possibility of Covid-19 infection, toxic work culture, lack of balance between personal life and work.

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