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On the morning of April 27, Rang Dong Light Bulb and Thermos Joint Stock Company held a program to launch the 2nd generation Smart Home – RalliSmart solution. Attending the program were the President of the Vietnam Automation Association, former Minister of Science and Technology. Science & Technology Nguyen Quan and some senior experts in the field of economics.

Rallismart – Impressive highlight of the Smart Home market - Photo 1.

Mr. Nguyen Doan Ket – Deputy General Director of Rang Dong Lamp Joint Stock Company spoke at the event

The 2nd generation Smart Home RalliSmart is one of 3 solutions under the 4.0 Rang Dong Product Ecosystem developed based on core technologies of lighting and IoT.

Speaking at the launching program of the 2nd generation Smarthome – RalliSmart solution, Mr. Nguyen Doan Ket – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Deputy General Director of Rang Dong Lamp Joint Stock Company, emphasized: “With With the motto of serving customers, a steady development path with science, technology, innovation, creativity and kindness, we launch the 2nd generation Smarthome – RalliSmart solution to create a life in harmony with nature. – smart – happy – environmentally friendly, accompanying the national aspiration to build a prosperous – happy Vietnam.

What bright spot makes the 2nd generation RalliSmart compete with the big names?

Over the past decade, new names have appeared on the Smart Home market. Rang Dong sees this as an opportunity to see through the weaknesses of its predecessors, thereby finding a way to overcome and bring a more comprehensive Smart Home solution to consumers. The 2nd generation RalliSmart is the “embodiment” of this spirit. Possessing many outstanding bright spots, RalliSmart is not afraid to compete with brands already on the market.

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Mr. Nguyen Hoang Kien – Manager of Led Electronics and Lighting Equipment Workshop presented the 2nd generation Smart Home – Rallismart solution to create a life in harmony with nature – Smart – Happiness – Environmentally friendly

RalliSmart Smart Home solution applies the principle of human-centered lighting system Human Centric Lighting (HCL). HCL lighting uses Sunlike LED chips – technology from Seoul SemiConductor company that allows Rang Dong to be exclusive in Vietnam.

Smart LED lights save 30% on electricity costs compared to conventional LED lights, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with a long service life of up to 10 years. Combined with the advantage of the Sunlike LED chip is the ability to create a light spectrum similar to the sunlight spectrum, displaying natural and realistic light to the user.

Besides, to optimize the lighting experience, RalliSmart Smart Home solution also integrates Tunable White technology to simulate vivid natural light based on factors: illuminance, light direction, color temperature , the change of light during the day and with the seasons.

Science has proven that, depending on the type of light, the body will react differently. For example, white light brings work energy, high concentration ability; The golden light of the sunset makes the body easy to fall asleep;… Both Sunlike LED chip and Tunable White technology limit light pressure on the eyes, improve sleep quality, balance circadian rhythms of the body, thereby taking care of the health of the user.

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Customers experience Smart Home solution at the event booth.

RalliSmart Smart Home solution is not only in harmony with nature, but also towards personalization and intelligence. In modern life, lighting is not only about bringing light to space but also enhancing the aesthetics of the whole scene and serving many different purposes. For example, birthday parties need bright lighting; In a romantic evening, there should be shimmering golden lights, when receiving guests, you need to have a good light… The above standards are all met thanks to the ability to create unlimited lighting scenarios depending on the wishes of the user. that Smart Home RalliSmart brings.

In addition, RalliSmart’s advanced Bluetooth Mesh connection system connects smart devices in the home, forming a large-scale device network. Just perform a single operation, the control commands will be executed uniformly, saving time for users, providing the most convenient experience.

Rallismart – Impressive highlight of the Smart Home market - Photo 4.

Rang Dong introduces to customers the 2nd generation SmartHome- Rallisamrt solution.

In particular, with the use of Bluetooth Mesh connection, Rang Dong creates a smart home solution that becomes “zero dead”. With RalliSmart, the network connection will not be interrupted when a device fails or fails. Users can make connection by many methods: remote control via Internet; Internet loss can be controlled over the local intranet; If the Home Center is damaged, it can be controlled by remote or phone via Bluetooth.

In addition, Rang Dong’s Smart Home Rallismart solution is also capable of connecting and expanding with partners’ systems and devices. With many outstanding highlights, Smart Home Rallismart is expected to quickly become the “top of mind” name of users in the smart home market.


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