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Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Not just A53

How much does the big screen affect the experience?

When it comes to Galaxy A7x products, the first thing users talk about is their screen size. This year A73 still keeps the screen size of 6.7 inches, with Super AMOLED FullHD + panels.

Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Not simply A53

This size is about 0.3 inches larger than the Galaxy A53, which sounds small, but actual use also makes a significant visual difference. Everything like the icon on the main screen, the lines of text, the small map in the game, although only slightly larger, but for those who are too familiar with the 6.4 – 6.5 inch screens, it can be recognized immediately. ,

Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Not simply A53

As always, the A7x series not only has a larger screen than the A5x, but also has a slightly thinner lower border or what people call the “chin”. Therefore, the size when held in the hands of the two machines is not proportional to the screen size, the A73 is only “tiny” larger than the A53.

Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Not simply A53

Configuration is clearly more powerful, but something “a bit strange”?

This year, Samsung has launched an Exynos processor exclusively for mid-range devices, the Exynos 1280. But coming to a product close to the higher-end segment like the Galaxy A73, perhaps this processor is not. meet the requirements, so the company switched to an option from Snapdragon 778G.

Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Not simply A53

The performance of the device will be evaluated more closely in another article, but through benchmark tests, Snapdragon 778G is about 12% stronger in CPU and about 27% in GPU. The Antutu Benchmark score of the Galaxy A73 has also surpassed the Galaxy S10e, not below it Galaxy M33 5G that I tested last time.

Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Not simply A53

The performance of the machine is stronger than the M33 or A53, but still not the best in the price range. Even if you “dig into the past”, we can find a device also from Samsung, priced much cheaper than the A73 but also has Snapdragon 778G, which is Galaxy M52!

The Galaxy A73 should have had a more “deserving” processor than the Snapdragon 870. Currently, there is no shortage of models in the same price range as the A73 using this processor.

Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Not simply A53

Another point I also wish the machine could do better is in the battery. The 5000 mAH battery of the device is already quite large, but it is only equal to the Galaxy A53 despite its larger size. Last year, the Galaxy A72 had a higher battery capacity than the A52 500 mAH, so this year’s no difference is relatively unfortunate.

The camera resolution is on par with the Galaxy S22 Ultra

As every year, the Galaxy A7x series still has a slight upgrade in the main camera compared to the A5x. This year, the Galaxy A53 has been upgraded to a 64MP camera, so the A73 has also been “pushed” to 108MP, on par with the flagship S22 Ultra series!

Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Not simply A53

The resolution is the same, but of course the A73 will have to “run long” to have the same image quality as the product line that costs 3 times more than me. Looking at the photos of the Galaxy A73, you will still realize that this is a mid-range smartphone, with the ability to handle colors, HDR is at a good level, compared to the “elder” Galaxy S22 series, it is clearly not enough for us. must feel “wow”.

Image quality now depends more on the quality of the lens, the image processing algorithm, and not too much on the number of “dots” anymore. Even in automatic shooting mode, the Galaxy A73 has a lower resolution than the Galaxy A53 – 12MP compared to 16MP because the A73 sensor combines 9 pixels into 1, and the A53 only combines 4 pixels into 1. .

It is a bit unfortunate that the versatility of the overall camera system A73 has no upgrade compared to the A53. Specifically, besides changing the 64MP camera to 108MP, the device is still equipped with a 12MP ultra-wide angle, a 5MP macro camera and a 5MP depth sensor. What’s still missing is a zoom camera, something that will really set the Galaxy A73 apart from its lower priced models.

Still need a little something to make a difference

As a product line that has also surpassed the price mark of 10 million VND, the Galaxy A73 not only needs to be more powerful than cheaper products of the same brand, but perhaps also has to “reach out” to deserve the segment. new song.

Quick experience Samsung Galaxy A73: Is it simply A53

It has welcome highlights such as a large screen with a high frequency of 120Hz, dual speakers for high volume and IP67 dust and water resistance. However, at this price range, the Galaxy A73 still needs a more powerful internal configuration, which includes a processor, a high-capacity battery and faster charging speed.

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