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In its fiscal second quarter earnings report for the second quarter of 2022 (ended March 26), Apple said that its iPhone business grew by more than 5% in the second fiscal quarter of 2022. , a strong sign that the iPhone 13 lineup continues to hold its own, and it… attracts Android customers as well.

Cook said that the iPhone is not only doing well, but it is also experiencing strong growth, from iPhone users upgrading to new devices and also from Android users switching to iPhones.

Tim Cook: many Android users switch to buying iPhone - Photo 1.

Tim Cook told CNBC: “We had a record number of users upgrading during the quarter, and the number of users converting was also strong.”

Overall, according to Apple’s report, all products saw growth, except for the iPad, Cook said the product line faced supply constraints and that affected revenue:

  • iPhone: $50.57 billion, up 5.5% over the same period last year
  • Services: $19.82 billion, up 17.28%
  • Mac: $10.43 billion, up 14.73%
  • Other products: $8.82 billion, up 12.37%
  • iPad: $7.65 billion, down 1.92%

Reference: iMore

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