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First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 1.

Highlights worth mentioning

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 2.

Every year realme chooses a new design specific to its mid-range models, thanks to that, its products are also less “touching”. This year realme 9, 9 Pro and 9 Pro + have a very similar design language, with a sleek curved back, a convex camera cluster with 3 set in a triangle.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 3.

The difference lies in the fact that realme 9 has switched to plastic material for the back instead of Gorilla glass, so the device is also a bit lighter to hold. On the contrary, already a person holding realme 9 Pro + but I do not feel too big of a difference on the back because the realme 9 has also been well machined, not pressed down like cheap products.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 3.

The version we have here is called Light Gold, which is a bronze color with wavy patterns. This effect is generally not too “excessive”, must be placed in the diagonal direction to be clearly seen. If you like simplicity, you can switch to the Black or White version.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 6.

The point where mid-range smartphones do even better than flagships is the connection ports. With realme 9 we have a separate 2 SIM and micro SD card slot, a Type-C charging port with a capacity of 33W (down from 60W of realme 9 Pro + but still quite fast, fully charged in 75 minutes) and a music port. 3.5mm more. The most noticeable cut is that the device does not have dual speakers, but only a single speaker, so the sound when playing games and watching videos horizontally will be slightly deviated towards the bottom of the device.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 7.

The two strongest points of realme 9 lie in screen quality and usage time. In this price range, there are very few devices that achieve the screen parameters of realme 9 including 6.4-inch FullHD Super AMOLED panel and 90Hz high refresh rate, converging all the factors including bold colors, High contrast and smoothness. What we can criticize about the screen is that the bottom edge is quite thick compared to the top and sides, not creating a nice sense of symmetry.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 8.

The realme 9 screen gives good display quality, the colors are a bit lighter than the flagship, but it is still far away from many products of the same price range.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 9.

Using Super AMOLED panels, the device can also integrate a fingerprint sensor under the screen.

Equipped with a 5000 mAh battery combined with a new generation of battery-saving processors, realme 9 gives a very “durable” battery life. In a day of use with 4 hours of screen on with all heavy tasks such as watching Youtube, playing games, the device still only takes about 32% and the remaining 68%.

Evaluation of realme 9 after 1 week of use: - Photo 9.

If using 4G and turning on a higher screen brightness (in outdoor use cases), the battery life will be shorter, but with this test we can still confirm that the battery – charging problem is a problem. the obvious strength of this machine.

Factors that must be accepted at a cheap price

Valued at 6.7 million (and now being reduced to 6.4 million), realme 9 will not be “10 integral 10” like high-end products.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 10.

The first “just enough” point we need to say is the processor when the device is only used Snapdragon 680. The Antutu score of the device has not surpassed the threshold of 300 thousand points, of which the CPU reaches about 84 thousand and the GPU is only 50,000.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 4.

Other tests including Geekbench, 3DMark and PCMark also give quite average scores.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 5.

With such a configuration, realme 9 will have to make trade-offs when playing games, we will have to choose between beautiful graphics or smoothness. For example, in the game Lien Quan Mobile, if you choose the highest graphics level that the game allows, there will be times when the frame will be reduced to 40 – 45 fps, which is quite annoying.

If you reduce the HD Resolution to High, the FPS level will remain stable at 55 – 60, still not perfect but enough to not affect the hand operation.

If I’ve played a game like Lien Quan at “just enough”, then I don’t have too high expectations in realme 9 in “carrying” the heaviest game today, Genshin Impact. Although set to low graphics (Low), the game still experiences lag during transitions, the frame can go as low as 10 fps!

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 13.

Having a mid-range processor also affects the experience when outside of the main screen, sometimes the interface will slow down slightly, which is easy to recognize when the machine’s screen has a high refresh rate of 90Hz.

We can hardly blame realme 9 because at this price range most machines will also use Snapdragono 680 processor or options with similar power, unless you want to switch to portable options. Snapdragon 680 is also manufactured on the new 6nm line, so the ability to save battery is very good, evident in the long-lasting battery life mentioned above.

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 14.

Another point where realme 9 will be weak compared to more high-end models is the ability to handle photos. Although equipped with a 108MP main camera, what still “pulls” realme 9 and other mid-range options is how this image is post-processed.

The image from the realme 9 main camera, although has high definition in both normal shooting mode (12MP) and high resolution (108MP), otherwise, the bright dynamic range (DR) is not wide, the device will have to choose or “rescue”. ” highlights so they don’t burn out, or brightens dark areas so they’re clear, not both.

The ultra-wide-angle camera of the device also has a similar situation, factors such as contrast, color are well done, but the quality of noise processing and HDR are not strengths. The machine also has an extra Another 2MP low-resolution macro camera similar to realme 9 Pro +is a 4cm fixed focus, not autofocus.

Limited money but still get the full experience

First impressions of realme 9: - Photo 17.

When the line realme GT 2 Pro is on a “mission” to elevate realme to the high-end segment, realme 9 still does a good job of maintaining its position in the mid-range segment. Although there are obvious downsides limited by the price, realme 9 overall offers a full experience.

Evaluation of realme 9 after 1 week of use: - Photo 20.

Redmi Note 11S

Products in this price range all have weaknesses compared to realme 9, maybe it’s a smaller battery, slower charging, not as good finishing, and especially rare that any one can compare in quality. displayed with the machine. The most worthy opponent of realme 9 is the Redmi Note 11Sthe two machines have a lot of similar configurations, the difference for you to wonder lies in the design, brand and interface only.

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