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Imagine you spent more than $44,000 on a new electric car, and in some cases even more than $58,000. But when it’s delivered to your door, you find out that it turns out they don’t have USD ports. Even where the USB port should be, now there are only holes.

And that’s what’s happening to some Tesla owners, who got their cars in November. Their feelings are not pleasant.

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Where it should have been is the USB port on the Tesla electric vehicle.

A new report by Electrek says the issues only seem to affect the Model 3 and Model Y, and Tesla is said to have told customers that chip shortages were the cause of the lack of ports.

Most reports say their vehicle lacks a USB port on the rear of the center console, although there are some reports that the rear-seat USB port suffers from the same problem. And if that wasn’t enough, one user even reported that not only was there no USB port, but the wireless charging wasn’t working either. As reported by Electrek, it seems the cars don’t have any USB ports at all, they just don’t have all the ports they should be.

Some owners affected by the issue said they received prior notice from the company about the lack of USB ports, while others said they discovered the problem themselves after receiving the vehicle.

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There is no USB port in front since users will need another long charging cord to power their smartphone from the ports in the rear seats.

One Model Y owner said his car lacks USB-C ports in the front and center consoles, but it does have corresponding ports in the rear seats and USB Type-A in the glovebox. However, the wireless charging dock does not work. The owner said he was informed that a service appointment could be scheduled to install the gates, but the timing was different. “hopefully at some point in the next few weeks.”

According to Electrek, Tesla service representatives have told some affected customers that they can schedule an appointment when the parts become available, possibly around next month. Another Model Y owner contacted Tesla support and was told that retrofitting and installing the USB ports would be free.

In fact, this is still only considered a small annoying experience, because if it is not possible to charge the phone from the center console or via the wireless charging dock, there are other ports on the valuable electric car. tens of thousands of dollars that you can use. However, whether you or someone else has to pay a huge amount for a new car, but it is still incomplete when it is delivered is a completely different story.

And you don’t even know if you’ll have to pay to get the ports and wireless charging dock you’ve been promised.

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