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Windows 365 Cloud PC is a form of VPS from Microsoft that has just been introduced in August 2021. Targeted at business users to virtualize computers instead of having to equip employees with powerful computers. When using Windows 365 Cloud PC, users only need a low-profile computer and a browser to be able to Remote to Windows 365 Cloud PC, you will be able to use VPS’s hardware resources to use in your work. . You can now sign up for a simple 1-month trial of Windows 365 Cloud PC.

How to sign up for Windows 365 Cloud PC for free for 1 month

I had a pretty detailed article about Windows 365 Cloud PC. But currently, Microsoft’s VPS rental price is quite high, if you want to try Windows 365 Cloud PC Trial for 1 month without spending money before deciding to rent, you can do the following:

To create Windows 365 Cloud PC for free, without VISA, we will use virtual BIN VISA. The configuration of the VPS of Windows 365 Cloud PC is

  • Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit
  • CPU: 2 vCPUs,
  • RAM: 8 GB,
  • SSD: 128 GB

First you need an email from Microsoft, you can sign up for free here.

After having the Email, you go to the Windows 365 Cloud PC 1-month Trial subscription page.

Enter the newly created Outlook Email and click Next.

Windows 365 Cloud PC free 1 month

Keep pressing Set up account.

Next, enter the company information, you can also enter it randomly. If you choose Country US then in phone number Enter any 10 numbers.

Create Windows 365 Cloud PC for free

Go to the phone number verification section, select the Vietnam area code (+84) and enter your phone number to receive the SMS code.

reg Windows 365 Cloud PC free

Next, enter the username for the company name, whatever you choose.

How you ll sign in

Create an admin account for a company account

I don't know why

Proceed to add a payment method, select Add payment method.

add payment method

Now you need to create a BIN Credit Card to add a payment method.

Visit Enter BIN: 404942873xxxxxxx, to generate a sequence of credit card numbers.

For example, we will create a sequence of numbers: 4049428737775336|11|2026|625. Equivalent Card Number|Month|Year|Security Code

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Now proceed to enter the payment and then press Save

How to sign up for Windows 365 Cloud PC for free for October 1

After passing the step, registering for free Windows 365 Cloud PC for 1 month is 99% successful. Next press Start Trial

How to sign up for Windows 365 Cloud PC for free November 1

Next click Get Started to start using. Microsoft will ask you to sign in once again, this time you will be redirected to, but it will say No Subscription. You can wait about 1 minute for VPS to be setup.

To know exactly if you have successfully created Windows 365 Cloud PC, go to the Outlook Email you just created above, Check mail and click on In Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Billing > Your products.

check mail windows 365 pc

When you click on it, you will see “1‎/1 trial license assigned” is successful.

trial license assigned Windows 365 Business

Now you visit the page again. Will get access to VPS for free. Wait for Setup to finish, click on Open in browser to use VPS right in the browser.

i vps trial Windows 365 Cloud PC can't get visa

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