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Every day and every day, there are thousands of people buying things online that can be anyone from schoolchildren, students, working people, and so on and everywhere on the Internet and a few examples are: Shopee, Facebook,, Lazada, Tiki, online shops, etc. If you do not know how to open an Online Shop, read this article.

It can be said that selling online or buying online has become an important part of Vietnamese people when the digital age develops, we have everything needed to develop our lives.

And are you interested in selling online? Earn as much money as tik tok idols have reviewed? Feeling admired by many? If you want to become those people, in this article, Anonyviet would like to guide you through the basic ways to open and run an online shop!

how to shop online

Why did you open an Online Shop?

Well, if I say that, there will certainly be many reasons for you to choose to open an Online Shop, which are:

  • Get rich at a young age
  • Go show off
  • Partial help for the family
  • Get the experiences
  • Have passion but don’t have money to make
  • Earn money to buy things you like
  • And so on, clouds and clouds

And then go to the section below to see more!

How to open an Online Shop?

As the title says, I will show you simple ways to start up right now!!

But, first of all you should notice a little that you need to have the following things to be able to have a success and me too. not recommendedHey :)!

What do you need before opening an Online Shop?

Well, in my experience, what you need most when preparing to open an Online shop is:

In terms of Ideas:

  • Ambitious
  • Passion
  • A little capital to be able to buy things
  • Find out what you want your business to sell
  • If you don’t know what to sell, find out what is in great demand but in low supply
  • Motivation (it could be for the future, family, blabla) For example: it could be that you will fantasize about the future when you have money and buy things without looking at the price ? it’s a way to get more more motivation.


Then you should prepare yourself for the following:

  • One piece website so that you can post your products then customers will order on your website. And of course you will need to call or reply to the customer via email to make sure that the customer will confirm your order and should prioritized do not buy or sell via COD to avoid your money flying without wings!
  • A small shop in Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Toko so you will be able to earn a source of customers !!
  • For a little money, run Ads for your items on Tiktok, Facebook, Youtube!

How to open an Online Store?

Choose your idea

First, find and choose for you a specific purpose and idea when selling online that can be:

  • Targeting which object?
  • What is the price, can you afford to buy a large quantity?
  • What will your item be?
  • How will you predict your monthly income when you will have to pay to maintain the website, advertise, import goods to sell?
  • Ah, and one thing I see very few shops doing is: Give your Shop a mascot, it can help you a lot in promoting your shop -> the mascot should be something be cute.

Start implementing the plan

In this step, what you need to do is:

  • Give a business purpose for the quarter or month or year, be it how much profit or loss you can earn.
  • If the business is big, hire more employees
  • Offer offers with preferential rates
  • Prepare email, phone number to call customers
  • Prepare money to go to the next step $$$
  • Difficulties encountered and how to overcome them

Shop Deployment

If you reach this step, you will have to do the following to launch your shop

+ Please choose a website to put your shop on! And of course if you do not have enough money to maintain and do not know how to program, you can do the following:

  • In terms of money, you can use the Free Hosting To create a website, for example, you can find it in the Anonyviet page
  • About how to program website! Well, there have been many people like you in the past so they have found many ways such as downloading website templates from the internet and applying to hosting or using web builder sites (that is, you can use web hosting). 1 website and that site allows you to use their tools to create your own website) such as: Weebly ,

+ Then start putting your shop on social platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc.


+ When you come to this step, you are sure to have chosen a product to sell, but please note that:

  • You are sure that your supply to import goods should be near you so that you can exchange and return goods when they send you bad, bad goods.
  • And if your supply is in a far away place, your rate of fake goods is up to 40% (already).

+ You can also apply some of the ways you have tried as follows:

Buy a large number of goods you want to sell on online stores when there are events like 8.8, 1.1, 2.2, birthday bla bla… And then there will be a lot of discount vouchers.

Your task here is to buy back those items when applying the code or it drops in price later because when you buy it you will be able to buy a large amount of stuff and sell it back for that price but not during the holidays. stay on normal days and you’ll get it down to about 10-30% then a lot of people will buy it.

+ If it is something you make yourself, make sure the item you send is guaranteed as follows:

  • It’s not for a little money to send bad things (many shops have received 1,2 star feedback because of this problem when customers apply discount codes to events and send bad items =)) ).
  • Quality is number 1

Choose a name for your Shop

Choose a name that is friendly, unique, and easy to remember.

Add products to your website and e-shop.

After you have the items ready, quickly add the products to your website, shop and then you can run Ads to promote and wait for the first orders :).

Things to note when preparing to ship

I will have one more note like this because when I buy and sell, I see many cases as follows:

  • Because of applying a discount code, the amount is very small, from 100k but still 20k, most of you send things so you should often eat 1,2 star feedback for this reason.
  • While selling goods but crows, customers ask a lot, they curse customers :).
  • The information is not as complete as other shops and there is no description.
  • There are no discounts
  • High shipping fee, few places to ship
  • And many but don’t remember @@.

So what should be done to improve and how to sell?

  • When shipping, always make sure the quantity is the top priority if you don’t want to eat 1,2 stars to spoil the review.
  • If you have conditions, you can send extra items, if you buy a lot, please handwrite a notice so that you can thank the customer ^^.
  • Always read and record customer feedback to learn from experience
  • Take or record a video when sending it to a high or potential customer (optional)
  • When a guest gives a 1,2 star review, make sure you give the guest a reason to be happy and ask them to change the review.
  • Slight discount or no discount on holidays, there are events to avoid loss of goods for nothing.
  • You should reduce the price on normal days and always monitor the market, for example, during the epidemic season, the price goes up or down to adjust the price of your product to avoid the fact that the original price of the product you sell is 50k but you sell it for 100k. =)).
  • You can apply some tips like the price of other shops is 80k, you will leave the original price at 100k and reduce the price to 79k or 75k because usually people will buy places with discounts and high prices :).
  • Should buy it yourself or ask a friend to buy it to increase the number of purchases for the product.
  • Always generate discount codes.
  • Do not curse guests.
  • Always write in the description with more information and details than other shops.


Copy remember to write source Anonyviet!!!

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