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A pretty simple tool and nothing simpler, a cat will run continuously in one place right on your Taskbar, right near the clock. If you are too bored with the default Windows, try to make your computer more lively with a cat running on the Taskbar. I usually use Shimeji, but it breaks, it’s all my business to break tabs.

If you want to make it simpler, you can create Live Wallpaper – use animations, videos as your desktop wallpaper or RunCat to create a simple cat.

How to create a cat running on the Taskbar with RunCat 4

How to make a cat run on the Taskbar using RunCat

Actually RunCat has up to 2 cats and parrots. I don’t understand why the author wrote this Tool to 64Mb, and the effect is just for fun. After downloading RunCat, extract it and click Double Click, you will see the cat appear in the notification area (near the clock) and this cat will run continuously.

Download Runcat

You can right click on the cat and change it to a parrot or change it from black to white and vice versa.

  • Runner: change animals
  • Theme: change the color to white/black (if you change it to black, you can move the mouse over to see the cat)
  • Startup: Runcat will start with Windows


To be beautiful, you should display Full Size Notification so that all icons can be displayed. Proceed as follows:

Press Windows + I to open Windows Settings -> select Personalization -> Taskbar -> Select Select which icons appear on the taskbar

notification area

Turn on ON Always show all icons in the notification area.

always show all icons in the notification area

Now, RunCat has appeared on the Taskbar already, it’s fun to look at but has no effect at all.

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