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When someone searches for your name, they can find tons of information such as personal websites or social networking accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. But in other cases, they can find your phone number or even your home address. And today, I will show you how to delete your personal data from websites.

Delete personal data

Sites that collect personal data

Some websites that may collect personal data include: online directories, address listing sites and background check websites. These websites already have some of your information from the beginning and your visit to the website will be able to get more information from you. There are also some social networking sites or search engines that also collect your information.

What types of information may be collected?

The types of information that websites may collect are not limited to but generally include:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Home address – Regular address
  • Current position
  • things you own: house, car, phone, etc.

Or there are some websites that can get detailed information about you. For example: Hobbies, places you frequent or even your citizenship.

The problem of personal information disclosure

If you are a large company like Facebook, Google or Microsoft, you may be sent by these companies to 3rd parties. These 3rd parties can spam your Email with dozens of ads or can use information. yours to sell as well as PR for their brand

If a Hacker gets hold of this information, they can steal your identity, spear phishing or cyberattack.

How can these websites collect information?

These websites mainly collect from available information. This information mainly comes from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or technology giants even though you do not provide information to them.

Another way to get your information is to rely on data from the government. The information taken from here includes: Criminal history, marriage registration, land use certificate and some other documents.

Some ways to remove information on the Internet

Erase traces in society

How to delete personal data on social networking sites

There are many social networks you can use, but the two most important to focus on because that is where the most information is stored: Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s how to delete old Facebook posts on your computer

Step 1: Login to Facebook -> go to personal page

Step 2: Manage posts

Step 3: Select the post you want to delete – You can use filter to filter

Step 4: Press Next

Step 5: Select delete post and select Done

For Twitter can use external software such as Tweet Delete or Tweet Deleter

Delete Old Mails or Unused Email Accounts

Having old mails may not be necessary, but they can contain a lot of information about the mail owner. So don’t hesitate to delete them. That’s the best way to protect yourself from people who specialize in stealing information.

So what if you need these emails? Save them to the hard drive and if you need to use them later, you can take them out at any time.

Contact information brokers

Information brokers will collect user information including: Name, Age, Gender, …. or even information such as marital information, number of children, etc. This information will help them build accurate information to market to them or use for advertising purposes as well as resell to others. 3rd part.

The only way to delete your information on such websites is to email them and ask for them to be deleted. The following are well-known websites that collect user information:

Note: sometimes information brokers will ask you for more personal information so don’t give them more information unless they are actually holding your information

And so I just introduced to you 3 ways to delete your personal information from the Internet. Leave a comment to let me know what you think. See also ZoomEye: hacker’s search engine here.

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