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May 22nd can be considered as the most important competition day of the Vietnamese League of Legends team in the journey to win gold at SEA Games 31. Because, on this competition day, the Vietnamese team will face the Philippines – the team The team won against Malaysia to continue to raise their hopes of winning a gold medal in League of Legends at the 31st SEA Games this time.

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Vietnamese players will enter the most important match at the 31st SEA Games

On the day of the final match, it is impossible not to mention the large number of spectators who came to the National Convention Center to cheer on the members of the Vietnamese team. All hope and believe that Levi and his teammates will win the gold medal. Especially, the whole team will give the highest and most serious performances, although in terms of level, Vietnam can be considered much stronger than the Philippines.

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A large number of Vietnamese fans came to cheer for the most important match of the Vietnamese team (Photo: Kayle)

And the Vietnamese players still showed the utmost seriousness and concentration as the audience expected. The proof is that while the Philippines has skill-oriented picks, Vietnam still focuses on forehand picks that match the meta. In addition, when entering the match, each player of the Vietnamese team played extremely hard. All are aiming for the most convincing victories to bring home the gold medal for the Vietnamese team.

Once the Vietnamese players have given all their focus to the competition, the Philippines has almost no chance. In all 3 games, Vietnam completely dominated and finished the game extremely quickly. Even the Vietnamese players did not wait for the appearance of the Baron buff, but just the Rift Herald was more than enough.

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The final push brought the gold medal to the Vietnamese League of Legends team

With this victory, the Vietnamese team officially brought home the gold medal in League of Legends. Not only victories, but also victories that clearly show the level of Vietnamese League of Legends compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. In addition, the impression is also the absolute professionalism of the Vietnamese boys when they always show respect for their opponents and play their best.

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The Vietnamese team shows maximum concentration

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As for the Philippines, the defeat against Vietnam left them with only a silver medal. However, the efforts of the Philippine team are undeniable. Moreover, the friendship between the two teams and the picks Yone and Yasuo certainly left an indelible impression in the hearts of Vietnamese audiences about the Philippine LoL team at this 31st SEA Games.

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