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Recently released, the Hi-Tea Healthy drink collection from The Coffee House brand is “making waves” netizens not only to help cool off the summer but also catch the “trend” of healthy living. . The highlight of the collection is the tea material extracted from 100% natural Hibiscus flowers (also known as Lac Than Hoa, Red Artichokes) – considered the king flower and “extreme” for health and beauty. pretty.

Not stopping there, Hi-Tea Healthy also offers a variety of fruit toppings to help “flatten your mouth” to dispel the summer heat. In particular, there is also a “genuine” deal from ShopeeFood to help you and your friends “freeze” but the price is extremely “chestnut”.

“Chill” treats Hi-Tea Dao for only 1 dong

The first drink that must be mentioned in the collection is Hi-Tea Peach with the topping of familiar bright yellow peach slices that stand out on the red Hibiscus tea background. The combination of sweet peach, slightly sour taste of orange blends on the cool tea background to create a “memorable” feeling.

Get fit, beautiful skin with Hi-Tea Healthy collection from The Coffee House - Photo 1.

Not only satisfying taste and sight, Hibiscus flower tea does not contain caffeine, so you don’t have to worry about insomnia. Moreover, Hibiscus and peaches also contain many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health, helping you to “double the benefits” for health.

Ready to understand the psychology of “pork” drink enthusiasts, from now until May 20, users have the opportunity to enjoy the promotion of ordering Hi-Tea Dao for only 1 VND for bills from 50,000 VND when ordering ShopeeFood on Shopee app. Always addicted!

Get fit, beautiful skin with Hi-Tea Healthy collection from The Coffee House - Photo 2.

Hibiscus combines with “familiar” ingredients to create a “strange” flavor

Besides Hi-Tea Peach, the Hi-Tea Healthy collection also introduces 2 other Tea products and 2 Hibiscus tea-based iced products.

In particular, the remaining 2 tea products include Hi-Tea Litchi and Hi-Tea Yuzu with tea base extracted from 100% natural Hibiscus flowers with topping. In addition to the familiar toppings of peach and lychee, Hi-Tea Healthy also brings a pleasant surprise: the peeled topping of Yuzu (also known as Japanese mandarin) is chopped with a characteristic faint aroma, combined with Crispy chewy white pearls, fun.

Get fit, beautiful skin with Hi-Tea Healthy collection from The Coffee House - Photo 3.

With the snow ice product group, it is the appearance of Hi-Tea Peach Mango Snow Ice and Hi-Tea Yuzu Fabric Snow Ice. Hi-Tea Mango Peach Snow Ice can be called a unique “collab” between a piece of golden peach and extremely “fresh” mango snow ice on the background of Hibiscus’s sweet and sour tea, creating a sweet and sour taste that is just right, bringing a sense of taste. strange and attractive. As for Hi-Tea Yuzu Fabric Snow Ice, you will be attracted by its delicate “appearance” like floating clouds thanks to the white color from the typical ingredients of this drink. Take a sip to feel the combination of the coolness of Yuzu snow ice, and take a bite of the sweet and juicy fabric that makes you like and excited right from the first try.

If you are a fan of living healthy and living green, you should not miss the brand new series of drinks from The Coffee House. ShopeeFood offer is ready, please visit here.

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