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This is the experience of the previous time when I rented a room and got stuck, after making a note, now share it with you.

It sounds like Hanoi is going to be studying directly, so I have a very thoughtful review from old voz for new students here for everyone to refer to.

SOME Criteria for Choosing a House:

  • How much is the monthly rent? House payment method? Need a deposit or not?
  • How long is the contract or free to check out?
  • Electricity, water, toilet, parking, Internet, security? And are there any other costs incurred? (Must be fully stated in the contract)
  • Will you let me in the playroom? (indicated in the contract).
  • For cooking in the room?
  • What are the hours?
  • Private toilet? Clean?
  • Fully check the electricity, water, bed cabinets … see if there is any damage before checking in.
  • Is the house safe and polite?
  • Is the room noisy or quiet?


Experience when renting Hostels for Students

Check before renting a room

You need to check the status of the electricity and water system, toilets, doors … in the room up to the time of signing the contract. If there is a problem, ask the owner to fix it immediately. In addition, you need to check the number of electricity and water at the beginning, to avoid paying unjustly later.

Security and surroundings

Tenants are advised to visit the house during the day to see clearly the condition of the house as well as the real life around. Renting a house in a poor security area, there are smokers, gangsters, or not… are the first things to take into account.

Many people do not pay attention to check if the house is noisy, until they sign a contract, come home and then suddenly see a karaoke bar or discotheque near their house, open at night at full capacity, not studying or sleeping. floating.

Therefore, experienced people often come to see the house in the morning, come back in the afternoon and continue to visit in the evening to see how. Sunny days go, rainy days go better.

“It’s best to have coffee there for a few days just to be sure. Sitting there chatting and asking people is all, sure”, Nguyen Van Tu, who is renting an apartment in Go Vap, imparts experience after more than ten years of renting a house to study and work in Ho Chi Minh City.

Check living conditions, travel, utilities

Before making a deposit, the tenant needs to consider the location of the place to rent so that it is most suitable for the purpose of studying and working, as well as near the social infrastructure (market, school, health care, entertainment).

In terms of utilities, toilets and bathrooms are things that need to be put on top. If the user level is moderate, sharing a toilet with 2-3 families or more will be extremely troublesome.

Places with limited hours, entry and exit must ask permission, by opening the gate, the door will limit the tenant’s precious freedom.

Get to know the host

With so much data on the internet, it’s also a good idea to check a landlord’s background, personality, and preliminary history online. Specific, intimate exchanges then add more materials to be able to evaluate the landlord before booking a rental.

Some landlords keep shouting electricity and water bills arbitrarily every month, while tenants are afraid to move many times, so they have to swallow bitterly with the owner. Some landlords are upset, talking nonsense when friends and relatives come to visit… And some owners like to evict tenants when they are… bored! Therefore, this issue needs to be carefully studied.


When renting a house, guests usually have to prepare a deposit (required). You can deposit 1 month’s rent (for a large, self-contained, furnished apartment), or only a few hundred thousand dong (small room built by the family).

It is best not to deposit, or reduce as much or as much. At the same time, you must carefully consider this deposit if you want to get it back, what to do, is it easy.

When tenants cancel midway, they often forfeit their deposit. Renting a house in a big city will usually have to move house quite often due to job changes, study or incurred expenses. Therefore, it is best to sign a short-term contract only.

While tenants who leave first will lose their deposit, landlords who want to take back the house usually only need 1 month’s notice. This is the unfair deal that landlords often make. It is necessary to clarify this issue, for example, if the landlord breaks the contract, he must compensate double the deposit.

View contract details

The story of renting a house without a contract is considered to be common in the past, or if it is, the two often do it through and then sign it.

Before signing a contract prepared by the landlord, guests need to carefully read the terms of information about the lessor and tenant; rent, deposit, compensation if damage to equipment in the house occurs.

To avoid the landlord arbitrarily breaking the contract suddenly, it is necessary to enter into a notice period before either party wants to terminate the transaction, clearly stating the compensation if this is violated…

Price of electricity and water

In addition to the previously agreed rental price, “extra” factors such as monthly electricity and water prices are often overlooked by tenants. Ideally, for a tenant, the room has its own water and electricity meters, but this is rarely the case.

There are cases where the tenant has to pay a high price, which is considered as paying the part of the family for rent and use. This is frustrating for tenants. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the price bracket from the beginning, if it is reasonable to rent, then choose another place.

Besides electricity and water, if you live in an apartment, the management fee who pays everyone needs to be clarified. This fee usually includes: management costs for security, maintenance, reception, electricity, water, lighting in common areas…

How to behave when in trouble

Having been stolen money, the landlord keeps begging and refuses to return the deposit, the landlord bullies, threatens … These troubles are not uncommon in the rental journey.

If you fall into that situation, strengthen your force by sharing with relatives and friends, inviting them to come and choose someone to talk more truthfully, at the same time, it is also a gentle way of showing force. I feel I am not alone in the battle.

For problems that are at risk of a big outbreak later, collect evidence by turning on the phone to record, take photos, and record videos for later argumentation.

In case of an emergency, do not hesitate to call the local police. Renting a house is also a business. Having done business, most are afraid to touch the police, so this is a trick that many homeowners are afraid of.

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