Discovered a YouTuber earning more than tens of billions of dong but not paying taxes – LLODO

According to the Quang Ninh Public Security Portal, the Dam Ha district police discovered a case living in the district, the owner of the YouTube channel TC TV, showing signs of not declaring and paying taxes.

Therefore, the district police reported to the provincial police leadership and coordinated with the Economic Security Department to verify and clarify the information.

After working with the Public Security Agency, this case admitted that he had not fulfilled his tax obligations and provided the police agency with documents related to income from Youtube channels and advertising for 4 years. (2018-2022) more than 11 billion VND.

TC TV channel has more than 870,000 subscribers. This channel often posts challenging videos, survival videos in life… including many videos that attract nearly 5 million views.

In addition to the YouTube platform, this channel owner also has a social networking site Facebook with nearly 25,000 followers.

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In the coming time, the district police will continue to propose to the Hai Ha – Dam Ha Area Tax Department to coordinate with banks to implement more effectively in the management of personal income tax in the district. .

Do YouTubers and Streamers have to pay taxes?

1. Tax declaration obligations

According to c Clause 5, Article 7 of Decree 126/2020/ND-CP guiding on tax administration, individuals who sign contracts with partner companies of Google, Facebook, etc. in Vietnam will not declare tax by themselves. as before, which the organization will declare and submit instead.

As for domestic individuals who receive money directly from Google, Facebook, etc., individuals are obliged to declare tax themselves. In addition, businesses with revenue from Google, Facebook … will declare tax according to regulations on corporate income tax (CIT).

2. Income tax rate from YouTube, Facebook, Google

For Businesses

When businesses receive revenue from platforms, they must declare and pay corporate income tax (CIT) and value added tax (VAT) with a CIT rate of 20% (Total revenue – expenses) and 10% VAT as prescribed in Clause 6, Article 1 of the 2013 Law on Corporate Income Tax and Article 8 of the 2008 VAT Law.

For individuals with income from YouTube, Facebook, Google

According to the provisions of Article 1 and Appendix 01 issued together with Circular 92/2015/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance, individuals with income from Google, Facebook, YouTube… below 100 million/year are not required to pay personal income tax, VAT.

For individuals with incomes over 100 million VND/year, individuals must pay tax at the rate of 5% VAT/taxable turnover and 2% PIT/taxable turnover.

In which, taxable revenue is the amount received directly from YouTube or the amount received from partners who are multi-channel networks (YouTube’s partners in Vietnam) without pre-tax deduction because they are not businesses. Karma.

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