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Online movies – New trend of movie fans

Cinema has become an indispensable spiritual food for many people, especially the young generation. However, in the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a series of cinemas to close for a long time. To satisfy the “craving” of movies, many people have turned to watching online at home, on TVs, tablets or even phones.

This sudden change also left many film producers in a passive state! However, the adaptation took place very quickly when a series of blockbuster films were released on the Internet, movie fans also gradually got used to watching movies on online platforms.

Even when the epidemic is under control, life returns to the “new normal”, but many changes because of Covid-19 have not disappeared. Watching movies online is one of them. We can comfortably enjoy the latest blockbusters at home because of the flexibility of time, no need to move and safe from the risks of exposure.

Turn your private room space into a luxurious Gold Class theater

In 2016, Gold Class cinema was launched in Vietnam, bringing a different experience, conquering the audience with high-quality leather double seats with comfortable footrests, along with the quality of projection that creates a sense of ” live” really like in the movie.

However, accompanied by expensive costs and the “afraid” mentality of the crowd, the audience gradually found alternatives by creating their own Gold Class screening room. The white wall turns into a dedicated projection screen and the living room table and chair set is the ideal seating that no high-end cinema can match.

And of course, we cannot lack a quality projector to experience “Gold Class at home” to the fullest. LG CineBeam is the key to enjoying the ultimate cinema at home, suitable for all families thanks to its easy and flexible installation and use, allowing convenient operation even in the dark with the remote control. Magic Lightning remote, or control the projector by voice through webOS.

Bring home the

You can completely create your own Gold Class screening room

LG CineBeam – Worthy of a high-end projector

With LG CineBeam, you can arrange the projector to fit any wall space, from as small as a TV to as “giant” as an IMAX theater. Thanks to Ultra Short Throw technology, viewers don’t need to worry about shadow effects with an extremely short projection distance and a zoom ratio of up to 0.22: When placed just 11.8cm away from the wall, a theater can be created. Projects up to 80 inches and magnifies to 120 inches when placed from 31.7 cm.

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LG CineBeam – Worthy of a high-end projector

In terms of display quality, CineBeam confidently satisfies demanding viewers with 4K UHD resolution, delivering sharp and realistic images through more than 8.3 million pixels and a contrast ratio of 2 million:1. Coverage of 85% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 99% of the sRGB range ensures images are accurately reproduced even in indoor projection with HDR10 technology and 2,500 ANSI brightness on par with premium TVs now.

With an environment sensor only LG CineBeam has, the projector automatically detects ambient light conditions and automatically adjusts the device’s light to match the viewer’s eyes.

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Bring home the

With an environmental sensor, the projector detects ambient light conditions and automatically adjusts the light to match the viewer’s eyes.

To maximize the experience, LG CineBeam also supports AirPlay, Miracast and connects via Bluetooth. With just one touch, the content on smartphones and tablets will be displayed without cumbersome connection wires. At the same time, the product is also equipped with LG eARC for 32-channel audio and HDMI 2.1 with 10-bit picture.

In terms of sound, LG CineBeam has built-in 20W + 20W stereo speakers right inside, reproducing stereo sound, especially vivid when there are subwoofers in both front and rear. It’s even better to connect the projector to a Bluetooth speaker to enhance the audio experience when watching breathtaking action, for an endless cinematic feel.

The new Laser source helps LG CineBeam to reach 20,000 hours, even up to 30,000 hours if Eco Mode is on. This is equivalent to about 7 years of use while the life cycle of current electronic devices needs to be upgraded after about 2-3 years.

Bring home the

Very attractive Pre-order program for movie fans

Especially, from now until May 25, 2022, if you quickly pre-order the LG CineBeam Laser 4K HU715QW, you will immediately receive LG SP8A Soundbar worth VND 14,990,000; make the cinematic experience more sublime than ever.

With LG CineBeam, turning the living room into a Gold Class theater has never been so simple. When the home entertainment trend takes over, LG’s high-end projector will be an indispensable choice for movie enthusiasts and modern, multi-generational families.

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