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Modern, easy to use

The GOTECH brand is attracting attention in the car gaming community when it launches a new interface for smart car screens. According to information from the company, the new interface version is researched and developed based on the results of research and careful analysis of the behavior, habits and needs of today’s car screen users.

This is a pioneering car screen interface in the market that is groundbreakingly created based on design inspiration from Apple UI, bringing a user-friendly feeling. Therefore, many car owners eagerly wait and experience right after the company announces it.

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Using a 2017 Toyota Fortuner, Mr. Tien Thanh (Thanh Xuan – Hanoi) has decided to replace the central screen due to a lack of utilities, not meeting the needs of use. Visually experiencing the lines of car screens at the car interior center, the GOTECH screen falls into his “sight” thanks to its modern, beautiful interface and many utilities.

The staff of the installation center introduced Mr. Thanh to the innovative interface inspired by Apple UI, which surprised him even more and discovered that this screen is quite different from other Android screens. which he studied before. He decided to “lower money” for the GOTECH GT10 Pro screen with the configuration of 4GB Ram and 64GB Rom.

Witnessing each meticulous installation step by the showroom staff, especially the screen is connected to the car’s electrical system entirely by zin jack, so Mr. Thanh is even more reassured, he evaluates: “The GOTECH screen has the size pleasing to the eye, user-friendly interface and providing necessary utilities such as providing vehicle speed, Yin/Yang calendar…, the layout and arrangement sequence are very clear, so when installed on the car, it is guaranteed to be safe. adding an aesthetic element to the taplo part of the car”.

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As a person who has been in the automotive interior industry for more than 10 years, Mr. The Anh – Owner of Phuong Dong Auto Automotive Center (Hanoi) also highly appreciates GOTECH’s display products, he commented: Besides A series of smart features, beautiful interface, optimal user experience are one of the factors that help GOTECH screen easily conquer customers and become the best-selling product in the showroom.

One of the factors that make a big change in the interface of the GOTECH smart car screen is the widgets have different sizes depending on the visibility of the application. Through it, users can easily track quickly the speed of the vehicle moving, weather, temperature, lunar / yang calendar, the song playing right on the main screen. And yet, in this change, GOTECH has moved the Dock-bar toolbar to the left edge of the screen, corresponding to 7 application buttons: Watch Youtube, watch TV, listen to Radio, voice control, listen to Mp3 music , directions, view dash cam. This makes the operation process while driving simpler. Users can actively arrange the displayed application according to the level of interest for the most convenient use.

“Most customers are impressed when experiencing the new interface version of GOTECH. The intuitive design interface not only brings visual comfort and ease of interaction, but also increases the aesthetics of the interior space. This is what car owners when upgrading the screen are aiming for “- Anh The Anh shared.

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The ability to customize the interface

As a 1-year GOTECH monitor user, Manh Hung from Nam Tu Liem has also had different experiences when upgrading to this company’s new interface. According to Hung, this change is like equipping a completely new screen. The new interface version is improved stronger, more modern, allowing to display 2 dark and light modes depending on the user’s preferences, Dark mode and Light Mode.

Not stopping there, Hung is also satisfied with being able to customize the interface according to the color he wants or according to feng shui. With a series of different colors, the screen on the car is also more interesting because of that.

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A new point highly appreciated by Hung is that in parallel with the Kiki AI assistant, in the old version, the GOTECH Assistant of GOTECH only works one way. However, now this assistant has the ability to interact with users and give suggestions to use commands so that users can find search results faster. Even, GOTECH Assistant automatically saves the search history when the user commands, supporting faster and more accurate search. It can be said that this is a smart improvement, actively supporting users when driving.

With the upgrade of the new interface as well as the addition of features to the smart car screen, GOTECH is gradually gaining a reputation in the Vietnamese car interior market by bringing outstanding utilities to the customers. car owner. From this point on, GOTECH customers can experience the new interface version on all smart car display models.

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